Why smart personal banking matters — and how it will change everything

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The driving force behind Automata

Wisely investing your savings has never been so difficult

Over the last decade we’ve seen interest all but removed from the vast majority of UK current accounts. Yet millions of people all over the country continue to settle for interest-rate injustice.

How many of us now take for granted the outrageous reality that the big banks get to keep our money and the profits they make from it all to themselves.

Despite the odd account now offering limited interest (interest on deposits of a few thousand pounds or less for a year or so) to try and attract customers, the fact remains that most people with significant deposits must try to find other places to invest their wealth to ensure they are getting the returns they deserve.

Building a personal investment portfolio is challenging and complex

But managing your own wealth through sensible investment requires time, effort and expertise. Barriers are set high which keeps everyday investors out.

With each investment you make, there are many risks to consider and many questions to answer before you take the plunge. To monitor and manage your own portfolio can seem like a full time job, not to mention all the other considerations such as tax reporting requirements.

Little wonder that many of us settle for 0% APR current accounts or savings accounts that pay a pittance.

Because “switching” has been such a hassle for so long, investment inertia remains huge and many of us are missing out on potential returns as a result. Many investment funds can take weeks to set up. Closing investments and moving your money out often takes weeks, phone calls and even letters.

The alternative is to swallow the high fees and find a personal investment advisor to do the hard work for you. But these advisors are simply not interested in managing small amounts and the costs just don’t add up.

As choices go, the current system isn’t looking too great. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Banking 3.0 is on its way

The status quo suits many of those in the long-established investment management industry. Which is why the experience of investing has seen little benefit from the digital revolution. Investments are stuck in the early 20th century. But over the next decade financial services will witness a monumental shift-change equivalent to the electric car superseding the combustion engine.

It’s happening already. So what are you missing out on, exactly?

Digital banking 2.0 as pioneered by the likes of Revolut, Monzo and Starling has shown what fresh customer-focused thinking can do for your current account.

For example Revolut offer instant set-up, access to multiple currencies, a unique metal debit card, an app with rich level of functionality and cryptocurrency services. All of which deliver a massive advantage over a traditional bank account.

Automata is the Revolut of digital investment. We believe that you should be able to invest as little as £1, have instant access to your money, but be able to benefit from automated AI-powered investment management.

Introducing Automata

Automata helps you get more from your money. We are revolutionising digital investment management and banking services. Our sophisticated platform breaks down the boundaries between online banking and automated investment, to make even the smallest savings work harder. Our cutting-edge technology facilitates exposure to a wide range of investment assets including cryptocurrencies, it saves fund management time and it makes investment funds work far harder.

Invest with Automata and take advantage of the bitcoin revolution

Automata is unique. Ours is the only account to offer the following features:

  • Invest from as little as £1 with instant access to your funds
  • Automatically invest in cryptocurrencies using proven trading algorithms
  • A secure wallet to hold more than 10 cryptocurrencies
  • Payments, exchange, deposit and withdraw functions in multiple fiat currencies
  • Spend your savings instantly even while they are invested

Join our beta program today

Visit automata.live today to sign up for our online investment account. This beta service allows early adopters to see how our proprietary crypto trading algorithms work in practice to deliver a return on investment.

Get free Ethereum when you sign up

When you sign up to our beta app at automata.live. The first 5000 new users will receive a sign-up bonus credited to their account which is a randomly chosen amount of Ethereum between between 0.01 and 1 ETH. In today’s prices that means that you could benefit from up to £135 worth of crypto for signing-on today.

BTC to GBP and more: We have an exciting roadmap for the next few months

In October we will launch the following features:

  • Fiat deposit and withdrawal (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF)
  • Fiat exchange (EUR, USD, GBP, CHF)
  • Direct debit
  • Deposit and withdrawal top 15 cryptocurrencies (as listed by Kraken)
  • Automated investment in top 4 cryptocurrencies

By Christmas 2019 we will launch:

  • Mobile App
  • Deposit and withdrawal top 200+ cryptocurrencies
  • Instant payments
  • Further deposit options

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