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While we are ironing out the last creases for our official app launch, we are inviting you all to join the automata Waiting List. To recognise you as an early adopter of automata, we will be giving out the following perks for signing up already:

  • Free lifetime subscription to our banking services
  • Wallet loaded up with FREE cryptocurrency (between 0.01 and 1 eth)
  • Exclusive early access to new features
  • Have your say on platform developments

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Start your journey

Opening an investment account can take weeks with a regular bank. With Automata, opening an account will take less than 5 minutes! You don’t even need to be a financial whiz, just let us know your investment goals and our investing engine will do the rest. And if your priorities change? You can modify your profile.


1. Sign up

Create an account
in less than 5 Minutes


2. Define your profile

Through a set of quick questions, our Highly Advanced Algorithm will tailor a specific investment strategy for you.


3. Deposit

Make your first deposit
and start earning money instantly!

Investing is a science,
not an art.

  • In less than a minute, tell us about your investing goals and appetite for risk. Our Artificial Intelligence engine will then produce an investor profile.
  • Our investing companion will actively limit your risk according to your investor profile. We’ll never put our client’s money at undue risk and we’re proud of it.

One step closer
to financial freedom.

  • Once you’ve joined the Automata community you can invest via card, bank transfer or even cryptocurrency payments!
  • We’ve enabled all major currencies and cryptocurrencies to make investing as easy as possible for you.

Many eggs in many baskets providing strength through diversification

  • We’ll build you a balanced bespoke investment portfolio. This portfolio will contain market-leading assets that we have identified for their stability and growth potential.
  • By investing in a bundle of different assets, across a number of different sectors, we can dramatically reduce the volatility of our client’s funds.

Game Changing

  • Instant and automatic rebalancing in reaction to market events.
  • Real-time tracking of portfolio growth and allocation.
  • Micro-Investing from just £1.

Always clear and upfront

  • Transaction fees are kept small using processes such as batching.
  • For maximum transparency, all of our trades will be stored on the blockchain.
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