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Robo advisor

No longer does effective investing require seven figure sums and the attention of a full-time financial advisor.
Automata provides the quality, regardless of the quantity of your investment.


Elegant Difference

A personalised Automata investment portfolio is a select combination of alternative assets picked solely from the cryptocurrency market.



Automata’s unique solution enables you to construct a globally diversified portfolio consisting of various cryptocurrencies that we have deliberately selected based upon their established value or their future potential.


Tell Us Who You Are

To create a portfolio, tell us your financial situation and future goals. With this information, Automata’s digital advisor will recommend an optimal investment strategy, fitting both your goals and needs.

How is your money managed?

The hybrid robo-advisory solution that Automata utilises remains the most secure and efficient way to manage funds
in both traditional and cryptocurrency markets.


Quantitative Trading Strategies

We use proven asset allocation models underpinned by modern portfolio theory to achieve diversification targets and enable high, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.


Strength Through Diversification

Our strength lies in our ability to adapt to changing market conditions in real-time, across multiple markets. This allows us to dramatically increase the stability of our portfolios.


Rebalancing Strategy

Our intelligent rebalancing model has the ability to react to market moves instantly, which means that positive market moves are fully exploited and negative moves are quickly protected against. As a result, our users will outperform traditional buy and hold investment strategies, as well as those who only rebalance their portfolios periodically.


Minimised Transaction Fees

Thanks to our innovative trading platform, we are capable of grouping trades for a group of clients. This allows clients to invest from as little as £1, while enabling us to significantly reduce transaction fees for our clients.

Who manages your money?

We’re a team of experienced wealth managers and traders with a highly successful track record and over 50 years of combined experience in
some of Europe’s finest banking institutions.


Cream of The Crop

Automata’s investment strategies are developed and constantly updated by an award-winning proprietary trader.


Investing Simplified

Choose how and when you want to invest, with recurring and one-time deposit options. We manage your portfolio 24/7, allowing you to sit back and watch your capital grow.


Round The Clock Support

We have a specialist customer service team trained and waiting to assist you with any questions, queries or comments.


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