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Which cryptocurrencies are supported by Automata?

Automata accept the 15 major cryptocurrencies

How can i manage my cryptocurrencies?

At Automata, your cryptocurrencies can be held , invested or both. You can also buy new cryptocurrencies or send the ones you already have to another external wallet.

Can i withdraw cryptocurrencies from my Automata account?

Yes you can withdraw your money in any supported currency you wish.

Can i deposit cryptocurrencies to my Automata account?

Yes you can deposit your money in any cryptocurrency Automata support.

Can i buy cryptocurrencies thru my Automata account?

Yes you can buy any cryptocurrency Automata support. After that you can choose to invest it thru our automated system or just hold it.

Can i exchange cryptocurrencies via the Automata web app?

Yes you can thru the exchange section of the web app between the ones Automata support.

The top half of the page represents the currency you will exchange from, and the bottom half represents the currency you will receive. Select currencies that you would like to exchange from the drop-down list.

Just enter the amount of money you would like to exchange on the top and the amount you will receive will appear in the box below. Click exchange, and that's it - your balance will be updated.

Will I be charged for exchanging any currencies?

Cross-currency exchanges are free on Automata web app.

What exchange rate will I get?

The interbank exchange rate is the dynamic rate at which banks swap currencies between one another. It is a real-time rate, which is why it is constantly changing in our web app and website. We receive these rates from third parties, such as ******** and ******.

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