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Cryptocurrencies – Protection from Global Market Conditions July 30, 2019 The first, and most impactful solution that blockchain technology can offer, is… Learn more
The gold standard is back July 8, 2019 It has been almost 90 years since the Bank of England removed… Learn more
Automatic Investing and Real-World Blockchain Solutions June 11, 2019 Following on from our Banking 3.0 article, we’re going to take a… Learn more
Banking 3.0 June 10, 2019 Cryptocurrency and blockchain networks offer unprecedented advances in comparison to the technology… Learn more
What Is an Equity Token Offering (ETO)? May 28, 2019 Equity tokens (ETOs) offer an exciting new medium for companies to issue… Learn more
STO vs ICO: Differences in raising capital May 27, 2019 Raising capital by trading funds for part ownership is a practice that… Learn more
A New Direction- Automata’s Strategic Plan Moving Forward May 13, 2019 After months of product development, stress testing and strategic planning, the Automata… Learn more
Onwards and Upwards? October 16, 2018 BTC technical analysis from the best in the business Learn more
Bullish Break Imminent? October 8, 2018 Weekly technical analysis, fresh from the Automata Financial Team Learn more

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