Automatic Investing and Real-World Blockchain Solutions

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Following on from our Banking 3.0 article, we’re going to take a look at exciting, real world examples of automatic savings and investment products.

Blockchain Technology and Fintech

The dawn of mainstream blockchain technology has provided incredible tools for disruptive startups to offer much-needed financial services. Cumbersome and time-consuming costs associated with traditional banking has marginalised entire captive marketplaces. Yet the clear advantages of blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions are yet to be adopted by the banking incumbents.

With global economic slowdown and stagnant savings rates, retail customers are desperate to have access to innovative higher-yield financial products. Can blockchain provide the answer?

Automatic Savings and Investment

Ask yourself this simple question. What if you could set up a digital savings pot, with scheduled deposits and immediate access to any fiat currency and thousands of digital cryptocurrencies? And what if that savings pot only needed information from a few initial questions before taking care of everything else; managing, balancing and creating a sustainable return for your hard-earned income? With the advent of machine learning and blockchain technology, this hypothetical scenario is now a reality.

Automata UK is set to launch its first automatic savings and investment solution. Consumers will have the option to set up a tailor made investment portfolio, personalising risk and investment goals. Once set up, the account can be credited with as little as £1, and the investment ‘bundle’ selected.

Machine learning diversification means that systematic market risk is dramatically reduced whilst account stability and growth is prioritised. Automatic asset rebalancing, due to market events, is also possible – further protecting investment.

What’s more, the technology utilised in the background means that costs and difficult access associated with traditional portfolios are a thing of the past. 21st century finance has finally caught up.

Security Asset Portfolios

Fiat and digital currency portfolio investment is just the start. Purchasing of legally-recognised securities, such as real estate and shares, is now also a reality. Smartlands, an investment platform built on the Stellar network, provides a platform for cutting-edge tokenisation and issuance of registered securities.

As a result, consumers are able to buy and sell digital fractional representation of the underlying asset – all with access to global decentralized liquidity and full KYC/AML requirements. Such services will completely transform our understanding of value, investment and money.

Before such financial products were reserved for the elite and wealthy. Now they are accessible to anyone with an internet connection and smartphone. The future of banking is inclusive.

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