A New Direction- Automata’s Strategic Plan Moving Forward

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After months of product development, stress testing and strategic planning, the Automata team is pleased to release the following Q2 project update. This update encapsulates progress spanning the whole project, from technical development, to performance results, as well as laying out the roadmap for Automata moving forward. We’ve successfully created an intelligent investing companion, with multi-currency support and no barriers to entry. And we can’t wait for you to see it.

With the help of 50 beta testers, our complete investing companion has been live since January, providing returns of more than 10%, with limited volatility. This further builds upon the 40% our investment engine returned during paper trading in the extended 2018 cryptocurrency bear market. We continue to enhance and expand the capabilities of our investing companion in preparation for the launch of our full platform release closer to the end of the year.

A big part of this expansion is the decision to develop a capacity for our clients to have access to traditional markets on our investing engine, and not purely cryptocurrencies. While we continue to believe in cryptocurrencies and their integral place in the future of finance, however we believe offering additional exposure to traditional markets will give us a more balanced, complete product.

Automata’s design team has also developed multiple features, solely designed to make our platform more agile and user friendly. Some of these include the creation of a multi-currency wallet that can support both traditional and cryptocurrencies, as well as near-instant transfer between these currencies. We’ve also created a product where our users can save and invest from just £1, without worrying about high fees or minimum deposits. The team can also reveal that we are currently developing a debit card that will be linked to our user’s investment accounts and are in talks with major payment providers, as well as renowned brands to offer cash-back and discount offers for our premium members.

In the previous months Automata has also streamlined its corporate structure, allowing it to bring on board a multitude of talented people. We’ve welcomed an influx of talent that specialise in product design, marketing and corporate fundraising, all skills that leave us well positioned to enhance our product, market it and fundraise effectively in the coming months.

On the fundraising front, the Automata team is in the finishing stages of preparation before we embark on our Equity Token Offering (ETO) process. This process will have both a private and public component, with all expressions of interest welcomed at this time. We strongly believe that the ETO model is far superior to that of a traditional ICO, for both Automata in its ability to provide liquidity and our token holders, as it allows them to own a piece of the company. Our current goal is to begin this fundraising in June of 2019, however keep in touch with our social media feeds for exact timings.

The current banking system is outdated, slow and expensive. Automata stands ready to disrupt this sector significantly by developing an intelligent investing companion, capable of providing our users with first-class financial management.



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