Anyone can invest in cryptocurrencies

We are creating the first robo-advisor for the cryptocurrency market
that will help grow your wealth over time.


Cryptocurrency Investment Made Simple

Automata’s automated investment strategies are designed and built to generate high risk-adjusted returns on investments, using the latest risk management models on the market. With the ability to choose between several risk profiles, there is an option for every investor at Automata

Ease of Use

Staying on top of your investments is made easy by our simple and secure trading platform that offers exceptional user friendly experience from the moment you log on.

Investment Strategies

Automata’s automated investment strategies are developed by an award-winning proprietary trader, with a strong focus on managing the risks in the cryptocurrency market.

Security and Reliability

Automata adopts Institutional grade security measures on our trading platform that keeps your investment safe and secure at all times, giving you total peace of mind.


The Automata Team

We are a group of experienced entrepreneurs, developers, designers and marketers with a successful track record in building mobile apps and helping people manage their finances.

  • Matthias Kurz
    Matthias Kurz CEO & Co-Founder

    7+ years in investment banks

    CFA charterholder & CQF certificate

    Crypto trading expert

  • Gael Itier
    Gael Itier CIO & Co-Founder

    9+ years as proprietary trader

    Algorithmic trading developer

    Awarded best trader on BFM TV

  • Diego Mascio
    Diego Mascio COO & Co-Founder

    10+ years as Senior Portfolio Manager

    Robo-advisor models expert

    Serial Entrepreneur

  • Vishal Sahu
    Vishal Sahu CTO

    20+ years as head developer

    Blockchain & smart contracts expert

    Delivered 50+ fintech projects

  • Sandra Nahon
    Sandra Nahon CMO

    Former CEO & Co-Founder of Biutag

    Digital marketing expert for mass markets

    Serial entrepreneur

  • Alicia Lui
    Alicia Lui Chief Relationship Officer

    10+ years experience in CRM

    Liaised IT partnerships for startups

    Extensive entrepreneurial experience

  • Thibaut Gruner
    Thibaut Gruner Junior Portfolio Manager

    4+ years in trading managed accounts

    Algorithmic strategy developer

    ISG Alumni

  • Jean-Yves Guillou
    Jean-Yves Guillou Head of Research

    10+ years in Equity and Forex research

    Elliot wave theory expert

    Author of crypto research models

  • Akash Katiyar
    Akash Katiyar Lead Software Engineer

    5+ years as full stack developer

    End-to-end software development expert

    10+ successful Fin-tech, E-commerce projects

  • Jean-Elie Trujillo
    Jean-Elie Trujillo UI/UX Designer

    10+ years as UI/UX designer

    Graphic design expert

    40+ websites and apps released

  • Julian Kaljuvee
    Julian Kaljuvee Advisor

    Partner at Founders Capital

    Co-founder of different fintech startups

    Harvard alumni

  • Augustas Staras
    Augustas Staras Advisor

    Partner at Fortum Partners Advisory

    Digital Marketing and blockchain expert

    Accompanied 2 successful crypto projects


Preliminary Roadmap

Our project roadmap shows all the great things we are working on and the directions we will be taking to fulfill our project vision.




Development of robo-advisor for traditional assets

Implementation of asset allocation engine
Optimisation of risk return ratios based on risk profiles
Recalibration of algorithmic trading strategies




Investment engine cryptocurrency optimisation

Launch of cryptocurrency trading strategies
Improvement of algos and risk management techniques
Investment engine stress- and back-testing




Creation of crypto advisor Automata

Executive team formation
Development of back-end engine
Alpha product version launch




Launch of marketing campaign

Social media engagement
Website launch
Establishment of key strategic partnerships




Launch of beta product version

Release of product to track performance
Presentation of Whitepaper
Start of Bounty programs




Development of Automata desktop version

Release of platform's beta version
Integration of crypto investments via existing wallets
Choice between risk profiles




Automata mobile app launch

Release of Automata mobile app
Fiat and cryptocurrency intake via own wallet
Release of optimised desktop version




Automata platform upgrade

Integration with external signal providers
Development of new strategies (i.e. ICO, exchange arb)
Optimisation through machine learning



Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Automata app be available to download ?

We envisage a demo version (beta) for the end of Q2 2018 where you will be able to register an account with us and see the live performance of our automated investment strategies. The live version will be released by the end of Q3.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

Automata’s aim is to democratise crypto investments for everyone, which means you will be able to invest using crypto or FIAT money starting from £1. Some functionality, such as recurring payments, will be available to help you manage your investments.

Can I choose my investment strategy?

After registration you will be presented with a quick questionnaire to go through, which will help us understand your risk profile. We will then select the most suitable strategy for you based on your requirements. You have the option to change this at any point in time should your requirements change.

Why is it better to invest using your application than directly in cryptocurrencies?

We provide high risk-adjusted returns using our automated investment strategies. The emphasis is on capital protection and risk management. Our tailor-made cryptocurrency portfolios will outperform any cryptocurrency on a risk-adjusted basis.

Can I withdraw my money at any time?

Absolutely, we want to make investing in cryptocurrencies easy and effortless. You can withdraw your funds whenever you wish to do so.

Can I join the Automata team?

We are constantly looking for bright and talented individuals to join the Automata family. So if you’re as passionate as we are about the world of crypto, then send an email along with your CV to

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